We are the winx!
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merry christmas everyone! (: hope you all have a great time.

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New photo from the official Facebook page !!
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Bloom Winx Club Doll!

Hi guys! As you all know, Cyber Monday is coming up and Walmart is having a sale online. I was looking around and ended up finding a Winx Club doll for only $10.43! That’s extremely cheap. So of course I had to tell you guys if any of you are interested in getting one for a super low price (:

just click here

I also found The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie for only $9.96.

Hurry before they run out of stock! The other winx dolls have already been sold out.

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Will the Winx become “dragon fairies” this season? #WinxClub #Bloomix
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Levons les mains bien haut jusqu’au ciel,Comme si nos coeurs ignoraient les chagrins.On le sait bien, un jour nouveau se lève demain,Grâce à la magie de cette nuit.
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aww thank you. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ  /hugs back. sorry for the super late reply. tumblr has been eating my messages D: